The Willowbrook Parent Organization Welcomes You!

The Willowbrook Parent Organization (WPO) is an organization for all parents/guardians of Willowbook High School students. Our purpose is to serve as an educational and informational link between the school administration and Willowbrook parents and guardians, with a goal of strengthening our Willowbrook community.

  • Every Willowbrook parent/guardian is automatically a member of the WPO, and we encourage all members to become involved. It is free to join.

  • Our organization meets monthly. Each meeting includes a short, informal business meeting and a dialogue on school developments with Willowbrook Principal Dr. Daniel Krause. There are opportunities to ask questions, voice concerns and make suggestions.

  • We also support our school community through various volunteer projects that result in enrichment and services for students and opportunities for parent engagement.

Benefits of Joining WPO

It helps make our school even better.

By sponsoring and facilitating activities, the WPO builds community and makes school more fun. The WPO also works with administrators to help shape what happens within the school.

It's a communication link with the school administration.

The WPO offers the opportunity to establish relationships that are helpful for students, parents and guardians, and the administration.

It's a great way to be in the know.

Members of the WPO know what is going on within the school and learn about opportunities that can help our students.

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